Gi2C Group Was Founded In 2007

September 20, 2015
Founded in 2007, Gi2C Group is a company that helps individuals to be placed in internships with companies in China. The company has, since 2008, placed thousands of interns at companies in China. In fact, they have successfully placed over 3,000 professional interns since then. These interns have been placed with more than 400 MNCs, SMEs, Start-Ups, and a few local companies all across China. The company has begun to be noticed in China's national news media, as well.

Gi2C Group today has offices in London, Helsinki, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Beijing. The company is composed of experienced professionals who are the industry leaders. Their focus on quality career development through internships in China has proven to be remarkably successful. They place an emphasis on pairing the right interns with the corporate sponsors that can benefit from their skills the best and vice versa, rather than just pushing the interns through whichever part of the system suits them in an effort to make more money.

Over the last thirty years, China has been able to achieve what can only be described as break-neck speed when it comes to economic growth. The country exploded onto the scene and has never looked back. It has become a new “land of opportunity” for many people overseas and many young professionals are more than willing to seek high profile internships if it means getting to experience China. The staff at Gi2C Group is fully committed to finding the right internships to suit the needs of their prospective interns.
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